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Review of The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter

For millennia we've caught only glimpses of the lives and loves of the gods and goddesses on Olympus. Now Aimée Carter pulls back the curtain on how they became the powerful, petty, loving and dangerous immortals that Kate Winters knows.Calliope/Hera represented constancy and yet had a husband who never matched her faithfulness….

Ava/Aphrodite was the goddess of love and yet commitment was a totally different deal….

Persephone was urged to marry one man, yet longed for another….

James/Hermes loved to make trouble for others#151;but never knew true loss before….

Henry/Hades's solitary existence had grown too wearisome to continue. But meeting Kate Winters gave him a new hope….

My review:  
5 of 5 stars false

The goddess Queen: Hera/Calliope's story

Man I hated Calliope's guts in the previous books, actually I hated her since I first knew about Greek Myths (that would be since I was 8 nearly), and though I've always didn't like Zeus for his flings, I always saw him as the hero. But after The Goddess Legacy?? I thoroughly despise him. And I actually sympathies with Calliope even after what she did in Goddess Interrupted. Because her only interest had always been the best for the council and the well-being of humans and her family, even the bastard children of Zeus. And besides, her only fault (and it's a pretty dumb fault if you ask me) is trusting Zeus and ignoring the opinion of the two people who cared about her the most: Hades/Henry and Demeter/Diana, but then again no one could blame her. Imagine living your whole life (or rather eternity) without someone to love you.

The Lovestruck Goddess: Aphrodite/Ava's story

Ok, let me clear one thing. I LOVE HIPHAESTOUS!!!!! Wow, Aphrodite is one lucky girl/goddess to have him. I've always been curious about Aphrodite's story, especially after she told Kate that she's married to Hiphaestous and with just that little info, I kept obsessing about what her story was, and lucky for me Awesome Aimee Carter gave me exactly that (THANK YOU!!!) and man was that an amazing story. I love now how I understand Aphrodite better and how I got to see her love unfold with Hiphaestous, because that love is legendary, I tell you, and it honestly deserves its own book to explore but as things are, I'll be content with just this story. So far, The Lovestruck Goddess is my favorite now. We shall see if that will stay the same.

Goddess Of The Underwold: Persephone's story

Worst one ever!!!!!!! Of course, it's not because of the writing or anything of that matter. We all know that Aimee Carter is one of the best. But precisely because it had Persephone in it. I was kind of excited to read this one, because I thought what happened with Hera for me would happen with Persephone too. I thought that maybe I would grow to love her as I did with Hera/Calliope, or at the very least like her, because I seriously hated her guts. But now?? I don't think I've ever hated a character as much as I do her, yeah even more than Zeus. I mean, yes I do understand her and I wouldn't wish what happened to her on anyone. But god!! Could she be anymore selfish or pathetic???? I guess not. Because had I been in her place, I would have rather die than hurt Hades/Henry like that. At least I wouldn't betray like that, or use him like that. I know a lot of people sympathized with her after Goddess Of The Underworld, but I did not, do not, and never will. It's plane simple, I HATE HER. And I'm so happy Hades/Henry got someone who do deserve his love, and now I respect Kate more and more because of this story.

God Of Thieves: Hermes/James' story

Poor Hermes. Poor poor Hermes. Honestly, there was never a character more misunderstood and maltreated as him, not even Hera. I've always liked him, especially for helping Kate and being there for her always, although I never shipped them together (I'm a pure Henry X Kate shipper) But he IS a lovable character, and after reading his story I respect him even more now. And I can't really believe I'm saying this but at the end of God Of Thieves I reaaaaally wanted to choke Hades to death for what he did to Hermes. Because honestly, he should have known better. He knew more than most what THAT felt like, and instead of seeking revenge, he should have been more understanding. But now I shall see what I'll do with him after I read God Of Darkness ;)

God Of darkness: Hades/Henry's story

OMG!!! He did it!!! I knew my sweet Hades wasn't the least bad. He has such a pure soul, that I'll forever love <3 I just knew he couldn't do that to Hermes, he's too good for that. And I looooooved God Of Darkness, sorry The Lovestruck Goddess, but this story is my favorite in this awesome amazing collection. Loved how we got to know more about Hades and got a closer look to his inner feeling, and I especially liked his story with Ingrid and how we got to know more details about it. And seeing little Kate? Even the more better, and man the scene with her and Hades was soooo cute, totally swooned there ;) Though, the only thing I, well not hated but merely questioned, is why this one particular story was set in 3rd person POV, before starting this story I was intrigued to get to see Hades' mind in such a close manner and I wondered even if that was possible and if Aimee would be able to do it, because I gotta admit, Hades is quite the most difficult character to write about, but eventhought I was kind of disappointed, I know it was for the best, and I enjoyed it just the same.

Truly, making this collection of stories was such a brilliant idea from Aimee Carter. This way we got to know more about the other characters and know and understand their pasts better, because let's face it, the first two books were kind of more concentrated on Henry and Kate, so it was refreshing to focus on the others. And man, I thought this collection would ease my impatience for The Goddess Inheritance, but I was deeply wrong. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!! I want my Henry-fix, I can't wait for about a year. This is soooo cruel :((((( 

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